West Australian Mobile Food Vendors Association(WAMFVA) provides products & services, advertising and promotion for Mobile Caterers, Event & Venue Organisers, General Public, Corporate, Wholesalers, Manufactures, Suppliers, Trade suppliers, Government Agency, Consultants, Exhibitors and Sale & Marketing companies, Insurance, Finance providers, Exhibitors and associated services. The provision of such services and benefits is at all times at the absolute discretion of WAMFVA and is subject to change, variation or cancellation at any time. Details of WAMFVA member packages and the services and benefits offered by WAMFVA are provided on the website at wamfva.org and are subject to change. Once WAMFVA has received your Membership Application form, your application will be reviewed and assessed. You will only become an WAMFVA Member and entitled to membership benefits once we have approved your membership application and you have received our Confirmation of Approval.

WAMFVA makes no representation or promise that the services offered at the time of joining or renewal will continue to be provided.

You agree that any information or advice provided to you by WAMFVA is provided for WAMFVA members only. You agree not to use the information or advice for commercial resale or gain. You agree not to provide such information or advice to any third party for the use or benefit of the third party.

You agree not to use your access to WAMFVA to obtain information or advice for the use of a third party (including any subsidiaries or related companies that are not members of WAMFVA).

In the event that information or advice provided to you by WAMFVA is then provided to any third party, WAMFVA reserves the right to suspend or cancel the provision of further services to you until such time as it is satisfied that you have ceased to do so. No refund of any fee or commissions will be paid to members found in breach of these conditions.

Except as otherwise described in these terms and conditions, WAMFVA will send periodical communications and promotions from/to third party suppliers, other WAMFVA members, sponsors and person(s) or organisation seeking the services of a Mobile Caterer or for general marketing purposes.

WAMFVA is not liable for any loss or damage caused to a member due to the non-provision of services to its member and as a result of the suspension or cancellation of such services to the member or as a result WAMFVA changing the services it provides or no longer offering services in the exercise of its discretion. WAMFVA is not liable for any comment made in the private WA Mobile Food Vendors Forum on Facebook by you and by commenting you do so at your own risk.

Information provided by WAMFVA and its employees, officers and agents is of a general nature only and is not legal, financial or other professional advice. While all reasonable endeavours are made to ensure the accuracy of information provided, WAMFVA accepts no liability for any action, or decision not to act, taken by you on the basis of the information provided to you, or for any error in or omission in the information provided by WAMFVA, or any loss or damage caused to you or any other person whether WAMFVA or not, as a result of information provided by WAMFVA being inaccurate. Without limiting the generality of this disclaimer, no responsibility or liability is accepted by WAMFVA for any losses incurred in contract, tort, negligence, or any other cause of action, or for any consequential or other forms of loss.

Any liability, including for consequential losses, in respect of any claim arising out of or in connection with the relationship established by your member of WAMFVA shall not in any event (and whether or not such liability results from or involves negligence) exceed the amount of member opening fees last paid by you.

WAMFVA may charge fees and/or commission for services provided to its members and may receive fees, rebates and/or commission from services providers.


West Australian Mobile Food Vendors Association

Contact Details:
Email: admin@wamfva.org or accounts@wamfva.org 
Website: WAMFVA.com.au

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