Tokyo Baby Cakes

Japanese Baby Pancakes

We are a Japanese food stall selling cutie and delicious baby pancakes (call ‘Tokyo Baby Cakes).
Tokyo Baby Cakes are not ordinary pancakes.
We make special shapes pancakes below…
-Panda shapes
-Heart shapes
-Mini Fishes shapes

And we serve many kind of sauce with pancakes below…
-Matcha cream (green tea)
-Azuki (red beans)
-Kinako cream (roasted soybeans)
-Salted caramel
-Coffee cream
-Nutella cream
-Berry sauce
-Whipped cream
*And Matcha ice cream is available!

No matter the occasion or time of day.
If you are looking for something new and nice foods for your event, try ‘Tokyo Baby Cakes’!
We visit any event, function, party!!!
We just need space 3x3m 🙂